Therapy benefits

Remedial Sports Massage
• Releases tension, muscle ache, pain and stress
• Prevents injuries, improves posture and core stability
• Improves circulation and mobility

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)
• Reduced swelling
• Improves scarring, burns and wounds
• Alleviates fluid retention and fluid congestion
• Boosts a healthy immune system
• Promote healing pre and post surgery

“I really love the analytical way Sophia approaches treatment. She has never given me a treatment that was anything less than 110%. After a course of MFR I felt about 6 inches taller; people asked me if I had lost weight but it was the effect of treatment subtly correcting my posture.

Sophia has been given me a wonderful smorgasbord of treatment over the years, all to suit my mood and suit my needs. As both a colleague and a client, I value Sophia’s professionalism. I happily refer clients to her and she puts me back together again when I need treatment. I look forward to treatment with Sophia; I know she will get me sorted.” Claire Mindham, Acupuncturist -